Jackalope Jam

jackalope jamThe word Jam just sounds dangerous, “Shoot! I jammed my toe” or “Damn these traffic jams” or “Mom! Dad! Come to police station, I’m in a jam.” None of these these statements end well. In fact, I would go so far as to say that all these statements are either precursed by, or followed up with, words I can’t write on this page.

Fear not dear reader. I am here to tell you that Jam is in fact a wonderful and easy thing. That your grandma knew what was up; and that what looks daunting is indeed simple. So let’s put ourselves in a positive space, and as the great Bob Marley wrote, “I wanna jam it with you.”

For Starters

In the beginning there was strawberry jam. The traditional love of breakfast toast, the companion of peanut butter since time long past. It is the fundamental jam. How to create perfection each and every time? Easy. Pick fresh and pick ripe. The more tasty the strawberry, the less sugar you need to make it palatable for even the pickiest of eaters.

At Jackalope Farms our berries live happy lives. They are spray-free and kissed by the Okanagan sun. When picking it’s important to make sure the berries are a deep red, and still glossy. If you don’t know how to pick, don’t worry we will show you when you drop by.

At Home

You will need your basic canning equipment for hot compress jamming. Nothing too fancy, just however you like to do it. Be sure to wash the berries, de stem them and cut in half. A 10lb flat of berries makes approx. 21-23 cups of strawberries. You will also need:

-Lemon Juice


-1 pkg 250 ml jam jars.

Jam Basic

1–  8 Cups of washed, de-stemmed, halved strawberries. I usually leave the small guys whole, if you like a chunky jam.

2–  Bring the strawberries to a boil on medium heat, stirring semi-constantly.

3– I don’t use pectin, but if you must Bernardin makes a sugar free pectin that works well. Once the strawberries have boiled bring down to a simmer and stir while simmering for 5 minutes. If you like a thicker jam without pectin, turn off heat and leave jam to cool completely. Then repeat steps (bring to a boil and simmer while stirring).

4– Add a fun flavour! Anything you want! take chances. BE BOLD! Dare to smash the jar of jam conformity! Don’t be constrained by your family’s history- you can make any kind of jam you want! Some examples are: vanilla, cinnamon, jalapeno! Please remember to taste before adding sugar to be sure of the flavor. But taste after adding sugar too for good measure.

5-Add 4 cups of sugar, while stirring vigorously. Bring to a rolling boil.

6-Once this has happened then you’re ready to jam with your sterilized equipment!

Creative juices flowing? Give yourself a high-five and go jam to the beat of your own drum. Experiment with flavours and be curious.

~ From the Recipe Box of Jackalope Farms. Jackalope_Logo_Final-Stacked-page-001 (1)


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