Jackalope Farms



Nestled in the backyard of Westbank, Jackalope Farms started as the drastic next step for Serina Penner in her getting dirty lifestyle. Getting dirty in the sense of real dirt; minds out of the gutter people.

Having grown up in Westbank, Serina moved on at an early age and traveled for ten years, seven of which were overseas. Coming home to the mountains, apple trees, and sunshine settled matters. She quickly fell back into old habits; most of which included the love of growing things. Lucky for her she befriended local farmers, specifically the ever knowledgeable Jennay Oliver of the great famed Paynter’s Fruit Market and Jordan Marr of The Homestead Organic Farm. You can find Serina’s berries at Paynters- as well as her working the till on a good day.

Strawberry season is now over for 2017.
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HOURS:  Hours vary, please follow us on Facebook to see daily picking hours.

2655 Rufli Rd, West Kelowna, BC
250-878-4162 | http://www.jackalopefarms.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jackalopeberryfarms
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jackalopefarms/


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