Links & Map

The Westside Farm Loop map.

2017 Westsdide Farm Loop Map

Here are some community links:

Tourism & Community Information: 

Westside Wine Trail:

City of West Kelowna:


6 thoughts on “Links & Map

  1. great to have a list of farms, but what exactly are they growing or raising. how is one to know which is a cherry u-pick orchard and which is growing mushrooms. did I miss something?? sure am not going to phone every one of them to find out.

    • Thank you for your comment. On the website each farm has provided a description of their farm and the produce/experiences that they offer, along with a link to their website and/or social media accounts. This can be found under the pull down menu farms and markets. Many of our farms offer several different types of fruits and produce on site, with both u-pick and ready pick available.

      Thank you for your feedback that a quick summarized list of u-pick places may be beneficial. We will work to incorporate that into the site.

      Thank you and we hope you enjoy our Okanagan farm fresh produce!

  2. I love this site it is a good idea to help folks get connected to the people here growing our food. I am also wondering how many organic farmers there are on here also lots of vegetable fruit producers just wondering about eggs and meats.

    • Mountain Valley Farms is an organic farmer as is Kalala Organic Estate winery and may practice organic farming, but may not be certified. Some of the farms have eggs when available, and also there is a place along Paynter Rd that has eggs from time to time.

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